I had some great feedback about my blog this week and a suggestion for further blogs – how to become more self aware, which has got me thinking….

Now you know that my model of self awareness has 3 layers, right?

◦ Internal self awareness: recognising your own thoughts and feelings

◦ Internal-social self awareness: recognising how others perceive you

◦ External-social self awareness: reading others, recognising your impact and responding wisely

I’ve developed three ideas to help you develop self awareness for each layer

1. Internal self awareness: pick a day and jot down in your calendar how you feel when you get up, have lunch and before you go to bed. Set reminders during the day.

2. Internal-social self awareness: after a meeting, write down three words or phrases to reflect on how you think others perceived you.

3. External-social self awareness: ask for feedback from people, who you trust and respect. You could ask something like…..

◦ What do you think about how I communicated in that meeting?

◦ How could I have improved my resonance with you in that meeting?

◦ How do you think I could have improved my interactions with others in that meeting?

I hope this is useful. I’ll continue to add to this series over the coming weeks