On the journey home, my attention was drawn to 2 people.

One was desperately looking for something in his bag. When we got to a spot with mobile signal, he asked the guy next to him to ring his phone. Lo and behold, there was his phone, ringing in his bag. He said his thank yous and sat back, clearly relieved.

The other guy was talking loudly to a work colleague, using far more ‘f***s’ than necessary. The number of f words that his colleague used gradually increased as the conversation went on.

My thoughts turned to what I could #learn…

  1. When we’re around other people what we say and what we do will #impact them
  2. The most unexpected of people model our #behaviour. Be a good role model to everybody you respect, and an even better one to the people you don’t.
  3. Some of the things we say may make others feel uncomfortable. If we’re going to do that, do it from a place of choice not a lack of #care
  4. When a situation becomes no longer bearable, #change your environment i.e., change the things you can
  5. Acknowledge when we impact others, for good or ill. Pleases, thank yous and I’m sorries go a long way.
  6. When you play to one audience and exclude another, it says more about you than it says about them.