If you’re looking to practice mindful meditation, it has to fit into your day, right?

Some people practice 10 minutes between breakfast and work, others practice before going to sleep.

Recently, I’ve been swapping my reading time on the tube for meditation. I’ve got 2 techniques to share

  1. Listening to the noises beyond those of the train. It’s surprising how many voices, how much music, how many squeaky pieces of luggage and dropped pieces of equipment you can hear!
  2. Focussing on the sensation and movement of the train under my feet. You’ll be surprised at the vibration, bumps, ups and downs you have on a railway line.

My idea is that if I practice meditation when I don’t ‘need’ it, it’ll be a better honed skill for when I do. For that day when the to do list is as long as my arm, meditation will be on the very top of my tool box.

If you’re looking to improve your #selfawareness, there’s no better place to start than with some meditation.