Today I had to muster all my energy to prevent a minor tech trauma paralysing my ability to think, concentrate and function.

I felt lucky to have been able to draw on my knowledge of self awareness to help me move from the paralysis to action.

I’ve been reflecting on what happened in those few moments to help me make the switch in case they may help someone else in a similar moment…

  1. Stop thinking. For a moment or two stop the spiralling thoughts that are stopping you from moving forward. Time out!
  2. Call it. You’ll have heard me and others say this before, but it helps. Give your thoughts, feels and behaviours names
  3. Reflect. Once your situation has descriptors you can better respond to it from a perspective of distance and objectivity
  4. Choose. Once you know what you’re thinking, feeling and how you’re behaving, you can decide what you want to do instead
  5. Move. With your decision made to change from paralysis to action, move towards it. Describe the feelings, emotions and behaviour you want to move to and go there
  6. Celebrate. Recognise and recall this change and celebrate your resilience. You’re likely to need to draw on this experience again. Make is muscle memory