Last night I joined a Find Your Why workshop with the team from Simon Sinek Ltd. It was an Open Mic, ‘pay what you can’ session with the aim of helping you pin down your ‘statement of purpose’

I posted about ‘finding my why’ a week or two ago. At that point I’d managed to pin my Why down to “I want others to think the best of you, & I can do that by helping you be the best you!”

The workshop guided me to think about my Why in terms of: “to (contribution) so that (impact)”. Great way of thinking about it! But it does mean I’m right back at square one and tossing around a word salad to see what lands!

This workshops brought people from all over the world together to share ideas and offer possible improvements to Why statements. I was in a workshop with someone from San Diego and Melbourne. Not your average Tuesday night in December!!

The workshop leaders were excellent and clearly had skills in listening and language. Their ability to distil someone’s purpose down to a punchy, pithy phrase was impressive!

If you’re interested in pinning down your purpose, I’d really recommend joining a webinar. I’ve already booked on to three more!

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