We’re very good at keeping up appearances and keeping on keeping on. We don’t want to let our colleagues, our families or our friends down. We keep battling on until our batteries are at 4% and flashing red.

Organisations are getting better at breaking down this #culture of the facade. #iceland has given us the example of moving to a #fourdayworkweek, which has benefited individuals and organisations. We’ve also had some courageous examples at the #olympics over the last couple of weeks. Athletes have showed courage and self awareness and said, ‘no more today, thanks’

The pandemic has brought with it waves of illness and waves of societal chance. We’re moving in to yet a different era. We’re seeing people #resign from roles that no longer resonate with their #values and support their #mentalhealth and #wellbeing.

I hope that more people draw courage from the examples shown by those who’ve acknowledge that keeping on keeping on is just bad for humans, and are able to speak out for their well-being

I suspect this pandemic isn’t done with us yet and there are more choppy seas ahead. It is, and will always be, ok not to be ok. As we battle through the storms ahead. We’ll do it together by being #selfaware and …

  • #reflecting on our own behaviour,
  • recognising the #behaviour of others and our impact on them, and
  • regulating our behaviour to develop good, supportive working relationships built on #trust and #kindness

Hey! How are you doing today?