My fourth watchword for 2022 is connection

When I think about connection, three things come to mind: home, work and covid.

We need connections in our personal life to nourish us and feed our soul. It’s a fundamental human need to connect and an essential component in making us whole, fulfilled people, able to function in the world of work

We need connections in our work lives to give us the #psychologicalsafety to try, grow, fail, learn and succeed. We need to use our self awareness and #emotionalintelligence to build connections to function effectively, and accept, some connections are just stronger than others

We need to consider new ways to connect as we learn to live with #covid. We need to capitalise on digital connection in a time of physical disconnection and maximise the opportunity to connect with people from across the globe that we would never have met, if it hadn’t been for #zoom!

As we move into 2022 with a renewed hope for a return to normality, we should take with us our newfound skills in digital connection to battle #loneliness and #isolation, maximise #international learning opportunities and good practice sharing, and maintain our important connections, regardless of space and time.