Watchwords number 9 is care

Care seems to me to be an umbrella term for putting others before yourself and behaving in a way that makes human relationships effective. Care is about emotional intelligence, understanding, sympathy, empathy, respect, compassion, tolerance, patience and so much more.

The covid years have seen people reprioritise and refocus. 2022, I suspect, will be a year when those priorities will undergo a reshuffling. Those at the top of the list might move down a rung or two, but they will remain higher than they were in 2018 and before.

In the last two years, the world of work has acknowledged the fears, needs, wants, hopes and aspirations of colleagues, and recognised that personal values take precedence over organisational ones. To make an organisation attractive means raising up the value of human effort and commitment over profit and productivity and showing a genuine care for others. We need to retain that fundamental behaviour of caring for people and making sure it weaves through everything we do.

Living through covid with our colleagues has given us a window into their lives and living rooms and the care with which we need to repay that privilege is infinite.