Watchwords number 8 is innovation

From the digital explosion in virtual communication to the exponential increase in online services, covid has, we must admit, been a generator of transformational change.

When we reflect on the last two years, the things we had planned and expected to take years were created in weeks and technological advancements giving us human proximity whilst social distancing happened over night

2022 will, I expect be a year when all of the new tools and systems born in the covid years will undergo a process of innovative adaptation and refinement to support hybrid home/office working.

I have this vision in my mind of a conference room with screens in the headrests. You either physically sit in a seat or you virtually appear in a seat via the screen. I can’t wait for virtual reality meeting rooms like this to become mainstream. Did you ever see the 1993 Stallone film, ‘Demolition Man’? You’ll spot one in there!