Watchword number 7 for 22 is knowledge.

As leaders we have a responsibility to increase our own knowledge and the knowledge of others. The world is awash with information, research, data and opinion that helps to build up our knowledge base. Everything is accessible at our fingertips and research is no longer a quest for only those with journal subscriptions.

In increasing our own knowledge, LinkedIn and Twitter are helpful resources that flash up snippets of information that allow us to dig deeper if we have then inclination and the time. It’s good to broaden our horizons by keeping abreast of what’s going on in the world beyond our organisation, sector and country

As leaders, in sharing knowledge with others it is incumbent on us not only to share data and information but to ensure that the environment facilitates knowledge building and sharing and that structures support the flow of knowledge within and beyond our organisations.

I suspect 22 will be a year when we start to see greater analysis and evaluation of qualitative and quantitative covid data. After 3 years of life with covid our knowledge will become more reflective and we will be better able to consider it from a perspective of increased wisdom.

Knowledge is power and by sharing it, we increase the power of all our colleagues to make informed decisions that put us all in a position of achieving more