It’s the very last day of January already, so here’s the last of my watchwords for 2022.

Watchword number 10 is learning

Learning is a friend of knowledge, but it’s not the same. Knowledge is active and learning is pro-active. Learning is about going out there to seek knowledge, skill and practice. It’s the quest to transfer what’s been learnt by others to your situation. Good practice becomes best practice when we learn from the experience, guidance and recommendation of others. Best practice becomes exemplary when we take all of that learning and innovate with the knowledge we already had and the modelling we’ve done for the future, peppered with the brilliance of forward thinkers and the curiosity of radical disrupters.

2022 will be a year when knowledge, innovation and learning will collide to generate a perfect storm for creation. We will learn from what has gone before and we will be better prepared to learn about what will be. We will prepare our environments to make learning a constant so that our knowledge pool is deeper and clearer than ever before.

Covid caught us unprepared. We were lazy and complacent and didn’t broaden our horizons to learn about what the science had been telling us for decades. In 2022 we will better learn to learn and prepare for the next tsunami of that will undoubtedly crash down on the human race.