The second of my watchwords for 2022 is purpose.

When I blogged my reflection of 2021, the word that captured it best was ‘purpose’. In looking back, I realised that purpose helped me get-up and get-on, during a time of social isolation and profound uncertainty. My recommendation to you, in that blog, was to seek out, find and firm up your purpose and let it guide you into an uncertain 2022.

To seek out, find and firm up your purpose will be a challenge, when the environment around you is changing and flexing in response to covid. So, your purpose needs to be ‘up close and personal’. It will be that specific thing that allows you to flourish regardless of where you’ll be and who you’ll be with.

As leaders, this might test us. Our people will be guided by their purpose in a way that they haven’t before. They will question whether their role fits their purpose and whether the organisation facilitates them to work with purpose.

I don’t see a quick end to the great resignation or the great reevaluation, but I do see greatness in people seeking, finding and firming up their purpose. In making a change that allows them to bring their whole selves, their passions, their creativity, their skills and their ideas into the workplace, we will all benefit eventually. What we may find is that there’s an undercurrent of change what will sweep us along until one day we will realise, more people are working with purpose than ever before.