It’s the end of the first week of 2022 already. How did that happen!?

I’m sure you’ll have spent your week planning for the year ahead with one eye on that crucial 31st March date speeding ever closer.

In looking forward to the next quarter and year, you’ll remember that I set out my list of watchwords for 2022. The first on my list was, of course, self-awareness.

What will self-awareness mean in 22? Well, following my three layer definition of self awareness, I have a hunch that….

Internal self-awareness… will mean awareness of not only our changing thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, strengths and abilities, it will also mean awareness of our physical and emotional health. With covid still very much with us, we need to be aware of the ongoing impact that not being able to be around people has on us

Internal-social self-awareness… will mean that our ability to recognise how we are received and perceived by others will continue to be tested, as virtual meetings dominate and we have to work in a world that’s predominantly 2 dimensional rather than the familiar 3.

External-social self awareness… will mean continuing to learn how to best respond to others and regulate our behaviour and communication when we too are viewed in 2 dimension by our colleagues. What words can we use, how can we listen, how can we use our time to maximise our opportunities for spontaneous innovation and ideation?

What will self-awareness mean to you in 22?