Watchword number five for 2022 is tolerance.

For me tolerance has two parts: learning when to listen and not speak, and developing the confidence to speak and be heard

We are often too quick to judge. When colleague come forward with ideas that are different, unexpected and out of left field, we often react first and mull later. Tolerance would give us that breathing space to change reaction into reflection and in turn, reflection into an amazing idea. Let’s be more tolerant of new and different. It might just be the answer to the problem we’ve been grappling with

There are also times when we should be staunchly intolerant: poor behaviour, incivility, disrespect, bullying, verbal abuse. You know the times. We often acquiesce and tolerate because we are worried about retaliation, negative consequences and long term employment impact. Let’s build our confidence and rely on our organisational policies to support us when we need to speak up and be heard. Let’s be respectful and clear that we will not tolerate language and behaviour that makes us feel sad, angry and fearful any more

In 2022 let’s be tolerant so that we can hear, understand and learn, and be intolerant so that we can prevent, protect and do better.