This week I joined another Simon Sinek Inc. workshop about Find Your Why. Since the last workshop I’d played around with my Why. I’d also started reading The Infinite Game.

It changed everything.

When you’re working on forming your Why, reflect on where you’ve come from, your life journey, what drives you and what you’re all about. If you write a forward/future focussed why, you’re writing your Just Cause or your vision. If you’ve ever developed a strategy you’ll know all about writing a vision. It’s future focussed, right? Well, that’s not your Why!

Your why is your personal and professional reison d’etre; that golden thread that connects you to everything you’ve done, everyone you’ve connected with, everything you’ve enjoyed and excelled at, and all of those things you’re passionate about. It takes some soul searching to get there!

This is what my Why looks like now:

To nurture the talents that make us shine bright so that we can touch the stars

I think there’s still some work to do, but it’s getting there. I’d love to know your Why. If you have a final Why or Why in development, please share!

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