One of my research recommendations is that public sector recruitment pay more attention to emotions and behaviour.

Is there a better way to assess potential than interview? I’ve experienced many people doing well at interview but are incompetent and competent people falling to pieces in interviews.

I stumbled on a podcast by Adam Grant about reinventing the job interview (here). Two ideas struck me as having some real potential:

  1. Using AI to mitigate against interviewer bias. To work towards greater diversity and inclusiveness, AI has the potential to identify skills, language, aptitude and accuracy in a non-judgemental, unbiased way. (Some companies have been using psychometrics for years, but think next-gen). It was recommended that AI feedback be considered by humans in making the final hiring decision.
  2. Audition don’t interview. Menlo Security involves its current staff members who observe and deciding who to hire based on skills demonstrated in allocated tasks and observed behaviour.

With more interviews being done in 2D, we’re going to have to be more innovative in recruiting the right people and do more to let quieter voices shine. Hire people for what they can do not for what they’ve done. Hire for behaviour not teachable skills.

“Recruit for culture-add not culture-fit”