We don’t all like all of the people all of the time. And this is difficult, because I really want to like everybody!

I’ve come across people that no matter how hard I’ve tried, I’ve just not liked. Some people I’ve had to accept it was a battle not worth fighting. Others I’ve made my mission to tolerate, if not to adore!

There was one manager who was arrogant, dismissed my help and said I wasn’t needed. I succeeded in my mission to change his mind.

There was another, who operated without filters, loved to gossip, was mean without care and operated outside policy. My moral compass could never point to ‘like’.

Liking everyone is humanly impossible. Being professional, civil and respectful is always possible.

Developing our self awareness allows us to behave in the way we choose rather than a knee-jerk response to the behaviour with which we’re faced.

Always behave in a way that seeks to illicit the best response. Keep going until you change the response or decide they’re not worth your efforts. What goes around, comes around! Always be your best self even when they fall short.