In the UK we had 3 extended weekends thanks to 3 bank holidays which gave me some extra time to work on my book.

At the moment, my book is structured into 3 parts: defining and describing, the self-aware leader, and the journey to self-awareness. My job between now and the end of the summer is to put down all of the words, not necessarily in the right order and not necessarily in the right place, but down they need to go.

It’s at about 31,500 words right now. Landing the words is crucial, making sense is what I’ll worry about between September and Christmas.

As yet, the book doesn’t have a name. Well, it has 10 names, but being that ‘less is more’ in the book title stakes, I’m not convinced I’ve found ‘the one’ yet. I’m sure it’ll make itself known when it’s ready!! So, I’ll keep on with my SFD (you’ll have to ask Steph Caswell what that means, or just read about it in her book) and I’ll update you next month.