The Self-Awareness Superhighway

The Self-Awareness Superhighway

The Self-Awareness Superhighway, Spring ’24

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The Self-Awareness Superhighway
Charting Your Leadership Journey

Embark on a journey of exploration and revelation as you ride The Self-Awareness Superhighway. Join Dr Nia Thomas, an academically acclaimed and experienced leader to explore the essence of self-awareness, the definition of leader effectiveness and the discourse on leadership at all levels.

Discover the nine CHARTABLE compass points to guide your unique journey of learning, growth and leadership development. Explore the directions of care, humility, authenticity and more, to map your journey from just leading to self-aware leadership. Be guided by people-centric signposts and directions and navigate workplace roadblocks and trip hazards.

Get insights from guests of The Knowing Self Knowing Others Podcast and reflect on your own experiences. Recognise your impact on others and explore your opportunities for change based on informed choices and expanded awareness.

Build your skills, knowledge and awareness to empower you to chart your unique journey along your very own Self-Awareness Superhighway.

Available from Spring ’24

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