My writing days are Saturday and Sunday. You’ll have probably already spotted that Knowing Self Knowing Others is my side hustle so blogging, podcasting and writing has to fit around cooking, shopping and working! Saturday 10th June was an excellent writing day when things started to fall into place. I’ve suspected all along that through writing my book, patterns and ideas would emerge. I was so ‘write’!

The life-long journey of self-awareness will be the central theme of the book guided by a 9 pointed self-awareness compass that you can use to help you chart your own map of self-aware leadership. It is of course still a work in progress, but this is what you can expect to read about when the book is launched in 2024.

The book is yet to claim it’s name, but I suspect that too will appear when all of the chapters have been written, so watch this space!

And remember, if you’re thinking about writing a book, getting yourself a writing coach to think with is a very good idea. Drop a line to Steph Caswell and pick up a copy of her book, Dare to Write