This weekend has been (yet more) editing of my non-fiction book, ‘The Self-Awareness Superhighway – Charting Your Leadership Journey’ which will go live in Spring ’24.  This time, following a review by a proofreader and a different pair of eyes.

I was asked to check on the grammar in some quotes taken from journal articles which I read from 2016 to 2021!! To my astonishment the articles were all there (all 337 of them!) in my online reference storage vault.

I felt a huge sense of frustration at having to roll-back progress. Of course, that had nothing to do with checking grammar, that was solely about my situation, and a feeling of having to go back – quite a long way, in order to go forward.  But, It wasn’t as bad as I’d envisaged. Once I’d got in to the swing of finding the reference, downloading the article, finding the passage, and checking the spelling and grammar.  Like many things, the thought of it was far worse than the actual experience.

If you have a job to do that you really don’t want to do, my advice is to get it done and out of the say as soon as possible. Set out an efficient process, get all your tools laid out and accessible and dive in.

In the end, it was 5 academic articles and 2 business book. Not that bad, eh?

Looking forward to having you on my learning journey!


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